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Impact Chats With... KINGS GO FORTH!

Nick Van Huis: Your sound has kind of a Motown feel to it, how does it feel to be in Detroit?

Andy Noble: You know, the "Motown" thing gets tossed around a lot in interviews and stuff, and it's not that it's not true, but it's just that 9 out of 10 times, my inspiration for the R&B or funk stuff comes from the people who were standing in the shadows of the Motown people, the ones who didn't have a huge record deal or anything like that. A lot more of the mom and pop recorded groups were more of an influence on us. Motown was kind of fancy. But it's a huge soul city, a ton of people I'm a fan of have created albums here, so it is exciting. I love Detroit, it's great for records, it's great for soul people in general.

SLEIGH BELLS concert review: July 15, 2010

At the very pinnacle of restless anticipation, strobe lights burst into the anxious eyes of the crowd. A giant swell of violent energy exploded from both the stage and the audience at the same time. Everyone began shoving everyone else as "Tell 'Em," the opening song off of Sleigh Bells' freshman LP Treats, tore through the venue.

Lemuria Concert Review: July 10, 2010

As I had just finished my set with the Cartridge Family -- who are now banned in Lansing -- at GTG Fest in Ionia, I knew it was time to head back to Lansing for the Lemuria show at Mac's Illustrious Bar.

Levi's 2010 Pioneers Album Review

Levi's, in a project called "Pioneer Sessions," has released 13 covers since May in an attempt to, in effect, celebrate the endurance of truly great songs (and to generate music for new commercials, no doubt).