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Impact chats with... Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s!

On Tuesday, September 21, we caught up with Rich from Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos at the Blind Pig for the band’s Buzzard album release show.

Ian Heslip: So I know that Buzzard was recorded on your own label, how did that influence the sound of Buzzard as opposed to being with Epic for Animal!/Not Animal?

Rich Edwards: When we were on Epic we pretty much made it sound exactly the way we wanted. It was more the effect of after it was done. When the last one was done, we didn’t really change anything but they weren’t very happy with it. So this time we didn’t have to worry about anyone returning it and seeing if they approve.

New Album Review: The Corin Tucker Band

The Corin Tucker Band: The Corin Tucker Band Album Review

The Corin Tucker Band’s debut album sounds exactly like you’d expect from the former front woman of Sleater-Kinney. There’s still the unpolished quality Tucker’s voice, although it’s less raw then back in 1994. The punk influences are still clearly heard, even if slightly mellowed. Yet as Corin Tucker herself said in an interview with Pitchfork, “It's definitely more of a middle-aged mom record, in a way. It's not a record that a young person would write... There's some sadness, some reinvention, some rebirth. I think the goal for me is to write some good stories.” Tucker’s work here won’t be unfamiliar to fans of Sleater-Kinney though, and songs like "Doubt" will be more than welcome by fans missing her old band.

Concert Review: Margot & the Nuclear So and Soʼs at the Blind Pig

Having previously seen Margot in Grand Rapids, I was ready for an excellent concert. Iʼve been a fan since their first release, Dust of Retreat, and have praised every demo, single, session, and album theyʼve followed up with. Buzzard is no exception. Buzzard explores the rougher side of what the sextet can create. Margot has always been dark, but their latest effort combines Richard Edwardsʼ haunting lyrics with an energy that used to exist only in their live shows.