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In Pictures: Dum Dum Girls + Girls, 4.10.10

As you possibly gathered through our interview posted earlier today, Brian and I traveled to Detroit this past weekend to check out Dum Dum Girls and Girls at their stop at the Magic Stick.

Dum Dum Girls
are one of the latest groups to sign to Sub Pop Records, and their debut I Will Be fits in rather seamlessly with the rest of the label's catalogue. The noisy-yet-melodic songs on the record transferred effortlessly to their incredible live performance, blending a generous amount of distortion on their guitars with a perfect amount of reverb on their vocals (and mixing in a lot of leggings and gorgeous hair and makeup). You can request Jail La La, the first single off the album, to your Impact DJs!

After the Dum Dum Girls finished their set, Girls took the stage. I wasn't extremely familiar with this artist's debut album (appropriately titled Album), but I had heard their song Lust For Life (not an Iggy Pop cover) played on the station quite a bit last year, so I knew what to expect.

Needless to say, the show was awesome. And of course, as at any indie rock show, you could
tell how much the audience was enjoying themselves through the amount of fist-pumping
(what? why. I will never get that.). A couple members of the Dum Dum Girls looked as smitten as any audience member and were dancing in the crowd through the entire set,
and during the encore joined Chris + Friends for their last song of the evening.