From the campus of Michigan State University

New Release: Iggy Pop & The Stooges - RAW POWER (Legacy Edition)

The Stooges just recently (finally!) were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and this reissue of Raw Power is just perfect to showcase an early punk album that is considered one of the best by many musicians as well as an inspiration. The legacy edition contains the remastered David Bowie recordings and also contains a previously unreleased live concert from 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia as well as some other studio outtakes. The live recording captures the live intensity of Iggy Pop and the rhythm section perfectly. Hearing Iggy Pop’s banter in-between songs also brings the live energy of Iggy Pop to another level that many people wish they would have been able to experience. Now, years later, the legendary Ron Asheton has passed away, and the rest of The Stooges are getting old, so this live recording is the only way someone who did not get the chance to experience the “Raw Power” of The Stooges during their prime.

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