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Kate Nash: My Best Friend Is You Album Review

Gosh I've missed this girl. Her sophomore full-length album, My Best Friend Is You, dropped April 19th and her North American tour begins July in Chicago. And in case you were worried that Kate went off and grew up, don't be. It's been a while, but she is still throwing tantrums and making slanderous remarks about girls that she thinks are prettier than her, and I still love it.

Don't get me wrong; her sound has matured more between albums than, say, those of Lily Allen. In songs like "You Were So Far Away", we find some darker lyrics, tempered with a sound a lot like that of Kimya Dawson, but there's still the screaming, trash-talking, and piano-banging that Nash fans love. Whether it's her naked voice in "I Hate Seagulls" or her noisy tirades in songs like "I Just Love You More", listeners get the same British brat but with a lot more variety.

If I have a criticism for Kate, it's that she needs to stop being so self-deprecating! The self-absorption I like and yeah, sure, I LOVE her because I can totally entrain and empathize with her social anxiety, love of crummy boys, and wrath aimed at snobby girls. But just once I'd like her to win! I mean we've been rooting for her for a long time.

Her somewhat less-than-astute but delightfully bitchy assessments of life's monotony combine truthfulness with brave vulnerability. I think my favorite song is a tie between "Paris" and "Don't You Want To Share the Guilt?". See you guys at Lilith Fair!

Courtney Morra