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Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders: Red Light Fever album review

It is always interesting to me to see how a drummer can front a band. Like right here, with Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders, you get to see the drummer for Foo Fighters start a band, reminiscent of his band mate, Dave Grohl, starting the Foo Fighters after he was in Nirvana.

This situation is much different however, here you have Taylor Hawkins creating a band, as the drummer and at the same time being the front man. Yes, he plays drums and sings, it honestly takes a great talent to be able to play the drums and sing. Another thing that I find interesting is hearing the similarities of a new band with that of the person’s other band, in which you can totally hear a similarity to the Foo Fighters. Don’t start thinking it is a complete copy of the Foo Fighters.

After listening to the album you will hear a very riff driven album, with a vocal delivery attempt to sound similar to that of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. The music tends to have a classic rock vibe similar to the bands these guys probably idolized growing up and it definitely shows in the music. I wouldn’t completely consider this a classic rock album; I would just consider this their interpretation of classic rock, similar to bands like Wolfmother. So, this album would be for fans of Foo Fighters and progressive alternative rock bands.

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