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Impact Chats With... HOT CHIP

Hot Chip released their album One Life Stand in February of this year to a wide array of critical acclaim. We had the chance to talk to Joe Godard about the process of recording the album, working with other artists, and the different types of shows they play.

New Release: Iggy Pop & The Stooges - RAW POWER (Legacy Edition)

Heaven Is Almost Here

Two years is too long to wait for another Hold Steady album, but come May 4th, the wait will be over. Fans had been teased for some months after a video of a new song popped up on YouTube titled “Heaven Is Whenever”— now titled “We Can Get Together”— but then the internet went silent. That was until word had spread That Franz Nicolay had left the band, devastating news that left the band significantly less mustachioed.

Top Five @ 5

We've had the Top Five @ 5 intro for years now. Did you know where that theme originally comes from?

Impact Chats With... FIELD MUSIC

Field Music recently came through Detroit in support of their latest album, Field Music (Measure). The Impact was on location to sit down with Dave and Peter Brewis and talked with the brothers about classic rock radio, the benefit of physical music, and recording neo-classical albums with Talk Talk.

Nick VanHuis: In music right now, there's a lot of people trying to sound retro, and I feel like you guys achieve this without it being forced.

David Brewis: One of the things about the way we record things, is that we can only do them one way because we have rubbish equipment, limited resources. We learned how to play drums, we learned how to play guitar, and that's what we want to do.
Peter Brewis: There are a lot of things about modern recording techniques that I don't particularly like. It's not so much that I want to sound like an old record, but it's more that there's such a suffocating quality in new recordings, which I don't like. I like to hear space, and as soon as you do that, it automatically sounds a little bit like a Led Zeppelin record.
DB: That's what we listen to, that's what we basically listen to to get us through the day when we're driving; we listen to classic rock. It's pointless listening to Talk Talk, cause you can't hear it.
PB: Queen, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith.
DB: It's just like, let's get stuff on that feels good, sounds good, we can sing along to. We have good fun. We don't get classic rock stations in the UK, so we just flick around and it's hilarious most of the time. If we do tours longer than 2 or 3 weeks…
PB: We get sick of listening to Chicago.

Free Energy on Thursday!

If you're looking for something to do this week, Free Energy will be playing a show at the Majestic Cafe in Detroit on Thursday. The Impact will be there, so we'll have a rundown of the show and some pictures to share.
We also caught up with them at SXSW last month, so you can get to know them a little bit better before checking out the show!

Impact Chats With... WINSTON AUDIO

Winston Audio recently stopped at Mac's Bar on their tour with Death On Two Wheels (and, coincidentally, will be back in Pontiac at the Pike Room on April 29), and came into the Impact Studios to share some tunes and chat with Mike Weber.

Mike Weber:
So, “Winston Audio”, how did you choose that name?

Daniel DeWitt: The founding member, and namer of the band, who’s not with in the band anymore, he told me that his dog, Winston, really liked to change the stations on the radio. If he didn’t like a song, Winston would change the station on the radio. That’s it.

Impact Presents... Apples in Stereo!

So, the Impact is presenting The Apples in Stereo @ The Pike Room in Pontiac on April 28th! We're giving away a bunch of fun stuff, including tickets to the show and copies of their latest album, Travellers in Space and Time. We'll also be taping the show at the venue, so we'll have awesome video on our YouTube channel before you know it!

Let us know if you see these posters hanging around Lansing, and come hang out with the Impact at the show!

Matt Pond PA - In Studio

Check back for a transcript and a link to three live performances in studio on the Impact YouTube Channel!

Impact Chats with... ROCKY VOTOLATO

Recently, Rocky Votolato visited the great city of Lansing, MI while on tour in support of his most recent album, True Devotion. He stopped by the Impact studios to sit down with Jesse Wiza and talked about the album, his favorite places to play, and the resurgence of vinyl.

Jesse Wiza: Is there a particular part of the country that you really like going to?

Rocky Votolato: Well, I like the west coast, because it's close to home. But yeah, just the whole west coast is really good for me. I've got good crowds over there and a lot of really excited fans. But yeah, I love going all over the country. I really like coming to Michigan, I've got some good friends here in town.

In Pictures: Dum Dum Girls + Girls, 4.10.10

As you possibly gathered through our interview posted earlier today, Brian and I traveled to Detroit this past weekend to check out Dum Dum Girls and Girls at their stop at the Magic Stick.

Impact Chats With... GIRLS

Impacter Brian Garcia got the chance to talk with Christopher Owens, lead singer of Girls before their show at the Magic Stick in Detroit, discussing the scene in San Francisco, the sound of their new album, and just why they call themselves something so generic.

Impact: Was it a conscious effort to name the band and album something so generic you couldn’t find it if you searched Google?

Christopher Owens: No, the two things were done probably a year apart from each other. Both times we weren’t really think of anything like that. We liked the name Girls for the band, and that’s the only reason we picked it. And Album, we didn’t have a title for the album. A lot of bands for their first album is self-titled of somehow the debut of, we just didn’t give it a title.

City Pulse Picks the Best Music in Lansing...

Congrats, IMPACT! On April 7, 2010 the Lansing City Pulse picked the best bands, stations, venues, DJs & performers:

Radio Station


Runners-up: 97.5-FM and 90.5-FM

The Impact 88.9-FM, the Michigan State University radio station, has been delivering a diverse blend of cutting-edge music to the Lansing area since 1989. “During the day, it’s mainly just college and indie rock,” said Autumn Maison, Impact music director. “But we also have a local music show, we play metal, hip-hop and other alternative programming.” The station also launched its YouTube channel in 2008. “Since then it’s been an upwards slope of getting people in to perform,” Maison said. “I think it's the coolest part of our station.”

Read the entire article here.


SXSW: An Inside Look From Impact Directors

Jon's Short List - Bands @ SXSW 2010

When in Austin, TX for SXSW I saw a TON of different bands live. (At a number of venues.) Here is a list of what I saw in no particular order:

- Metric
- Muse
- Drive By Truckers
- Happy Birthday
- Broken Social Scene
- Band Of Horses
- The Soft Pack
- The Like
- The Drums
- Minus The Bear
- Circa Surivive
- Scissor Sisters
- She And Him
- Matt Pond PA
- Woven Bones
- Arms
- Jaill

Introducing... The Brand New Impact89FM Blog!

After a number of technical issues, website getting hacked and everything thing else that could go wrong, the Impact89FM blog is back in full force. Check back here for info on new music, album reviews, concert reviews and whatever comes across the minds of the deranged staff at WDBM East Lansing.