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Impact Softball Cards!?!

After the Impact vs. State News softball game, it seemed VERY necessary to create Impact Softball Cards to collect and trade!

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Minus The Bear Concert Review: April 25th, 2010 at St. Andrew's Hall

The Detroit area has been buzzing over the past few weeks in high anticipation of indie group Minus the Bear making a stop in town on their current tour. The Seattle based band is in the process of promoting their forth full-length album, Omni, and played at the infamous St. Andrew's Hall on April 25th, to much enthusiasm from local fans.

Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders: Red Light Fever album review

It is always interesting to me to see how a drummer can front a band. Like right here, with Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders, you get to see the drummer for Foo Fighters start a band, reminiscent of his band mate, Dave Grohl, starting the Foo Fighters after he was in Nirvana.

Impact Chats With... DR. DOG

Recorded at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Thursday, April 15th

Nick Van Huis: You guys are from Philadelphia, and usually when bands reach a certain level of fame they tend to defect to bigger cities like L.A. or New York. Has there ever been that temptation for you guys?

Scott McMicken: No. We’re not that kind of people. I think there’s way more than enough going on in Philly for dudes like us. If anything, we would probably be more inclined to leave "the city" altogether. There’s nothing really that compelling to go to like L.A. or New York. We’ve been in the area of Philly so long, we have so many friends and history there that there’s never a shortage of things to do. I think we’re all pretty content in Philly.

Kate Nash: My Best Friend Is You Album Review

Gosh I've missed this girl. Her sophomore full-length album, My Best Friend Is You, dropped April 19th and her North American tour begins July in Chicago. And in case you were worried that Kate went off and grew up, don't be. It's been a while, but she is still throwing tantrums and making slanderous remarks about girls that she thinks are prettier than her, and I still love it.

Gogol Bordello Concert Review - April 21st at the Royal Oak Music Theatre

Jimmy Malkin opened up the concert with a powerful performance by dancing much like Thom Yorke and dressing much like Jack White. However, the crowd was obviously Gogol loyalists and only displayed meager enthusiasm before the second act Devotchka revved up the crowd to a slow hopping jaunt as they swayed to the haunting howls and chanting vocals of Nick Urata who seemed to make the audience inhale and exhale on command as he would lean back and forth on the microphone. The group combines a mixture of Eastern European traditional folk songs with the theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, trumpet, violin, bass and percussion to produce a sound that is all unique and still projects the attitude that is so uniquely gypsy punk. The highlight of Devotchka's act came from two lovely young ladies who did scarf acrobatics during one of the band's longer instrumental pieces. I had a chance to meet these young women after the concert who say they have always looked forward to working with such high energy acts after graduating from Boulder Circus School (I had inquired where I could learn how to do that.)

Cedar Avenue: Someday Soon album review

As a first year music reviewer for Impact, I’ve listened to a LOT of bands that copy the sound of other popular bands, most of them using the Nickelback rule of song writing; us the same chord progressions in the same key, wait 8 measures, start singing.